Year 5

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Please use this page to keep up to date with what the children have been up to class.
The curriculum download below informs you of all the topics we are covering this term.

Home Learning

Home learning will be allocated during the week. Times Tables and spellings will be tested on Fridays. Additional homework will be Reading Comprehensions given in the form of paper copies to the children with clear dates for completion.


Reading Diaries:

The School have now signed up to a programme called ‘Accelerated Reader’ which you will be given more information about when it is up and running. In the meantime please ensure you hear your child read at least 3 times a week and record it in their reading diary. This is extremely important and supports their progress in school. Each child should bring their reading book and record into school every day.


Times Tables:

Please help the children to learn their times tables each week so that they can become scholars, wizards and masters! The children must know the tables 1-12, forwards, backwards and at random, as well as knowing the corresponding division facts. They should also be able to incorporate place value skills i.e. 0.3 x 8 = 2.4