Last year we had a large number of children whose attendance was below our good attendance figure and we want to work with our school community to try and improve our attendance. It is so important that children have good attendance as children miss out on vital learning that is often not repeated later in the year. Other than due to illness or medical appointments that can not be booked outside of school hours children should not be missing school.

We recognise the importance of families having a break together and to try and enable you to take  advantage of cheaper holiday prices,  we have added three of our Inset days onto the May half term. Therefore the holiday will run from Friday 27th May until Tuesday 7th June. Children will return to school on Wednesday 8th June. We hope this will enable families to book cheaper holidays as the majority of schools have gone back by then. Please try to take advantage of these days, as term time holidays will not be authorised and fines will be issued.

Children do go down with illnesses during the year and if they are too ill to be in school, please keep them at home. For sickness and diarrhea, please ensure children do not return to school for 48 hours after the last bout.

If  your child has a cold or cough, or is just  bit under the weather,  please send them into school. We will always phone you if we feel children are too poorly to be here.

Attendance rewards for families - this has been put on hold this year due to Covid-19, we hope to return to it for the academic year 22-23.

Each term every child who has attendance which is 98% or above for that term ,will be entered into a prize draw.  Children with 98% will get 1 ticket, 99% 2 tickets, and 100% 3 tickets.  A draw will be made on the last day of term and the winning family will receive a £50 Tesco voucher.

There will be an additional prize draw at the end of term 6 for yearly attendance 98% and above with a £100 Tesco voucher for the winner.

100% Attendance Awards for children

Each term, every child with 100% attendance for that term will take part in a reward activity, these will be a range of different, exciting activities across the year.

There will also be an extra-special reward  trip for children who manage an amazing 100% attendance across the whole year!

Please help us to improve our attendance. If you have a question around your child’s attendance please come in and speak to us.  Thank you for your support.