Phonics at Chantry

Phonics is one way of children being taught to read skilfully and quickly, understanding how to recognise, identify and blend sounds. Children can use this knowledge to ‘de-code’ the new words they read or see. This is one important step in learning to read and is taught alongside many other strategies.  Learning phonics supports children’s ability to spell as they move through the school.

We use the Letters and Sounds programme, to teach phonics at Chantry.

All children in Reception, KS1 take part in a daily phonics session every morning from 9.10-9.30 am. Children are grouped according to the phonic phase they are on so may move to a different classroom/area of the school. Children's progress is assessed every term. Our expectation is that the majority of children will have completed phase 6 by the end of year 2.

If we feel that children in KS2 may benefit from additional phonics teaching, they will also take part in phonics groups daily.

Children will bring home tricky words or words using the sound they are learning to practise at home.

Grapheme flash cards