Wellbeing and Behaviour

Behaviour and Nurture

As a one form entry we get to know our children really well, and all the adults are committed to supporting development and wellbeing, and to meeting need.

We believe that children not meeting expectations have a reason for this. We believe they require support to fill any gaps and develop skills to manage in school and wider world in a way that is both prosocial and prolearning.  

We are currently working with Kit Messenger and the Changing Chances Approach to address challenging behaviours by “empowering [children] to collaborate to develop future skills while also creating present calm”. Please see for more information on this approach, what it entails and how it works. Parent workshops will also be run, often by the children themselves, as we discover more about this way of supporting and nurturing all our children.


Nurture Support

Our nurture team provides a range of support. We have 3 trained Thrive practitioners who provide 1:1 or small group for those who may need a high level of input. More information is available at for what this entails ad how it works. We run a lunchtime club, Puzzle Club, which provides a space for those who find long periods of time in the playground a challenge for sensory, social or emotional reasons.

A nurture teacher is on hand on Fridays for children with specific needs (anxiety, bereavement, domestic violence, low self-esteem etc.) for 1:1 and small group support opportunities. Recent group interventions have included junk modelling, cooking and art grips to support social interaction in a positive way.

Alongside this we also offer Play Therapy when this is possible, and other groups such as Worry Busters, a group to support anxiety.

The Kit Messenger and Andrew Wright approaches are also being rolled out across the school with training taking place. Look out for Parent Workshops coming up in terms 3 and 4!


Family Support

As families we all have times where things can go wrong and some additional may be needed. If you feel this is the case then our Senior Leadership Team (Becky Reed as the head teacher, Simone Jackson as Assistant Head and Helen Drake as Assistant Head and SENCO) are on hand to talk to. If the need is greater then we have a Level 2 Family Keyworker funded by the school. She will spend 1:1 time with your child and you as their parent to explore challenges and face them together. If challenges are ongoing we may meet with you regularly to look at whether there are other options for support.

If the difficulties escalate or there are serious concerns then we may need to contact SPOA for more intensive support (please see our Safeguarding Policy, and the East Sussex website for more information about our responsibilities with regard to your child’s wellbeing).