Our School

Keeping children safe online

We believe that online safety is an essential part of safeguarding and acknowledge our duty to ensure that all learners and staff are protected from potential harm online.

  •         We identify that the internet and associated devices, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and games consoles, are an important part of everyday life.
  •         We believe that learners should be empowered to build resilience and to develop strategies to manage and respond to risk online.
  •         Our policy applies to all staff including the governing body, teachers, support staff, external contractors, visitors, volunteers and other individuals who work for, or provide services on behalf of the setting (collectively referred to as “staff” in this policy) as well as learners, parents and carers.
  •         Our policy applies to all access to the internet and use of technology, including personal devices, or where learners, staff or other individuals have been provided with setting issued devices for use off-site, such as a work laptops, tablets or mobile phones.
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