Our School

Our Values and Ethos

At Chantry we aim to:

  • Create a secure and caring environment where children, staff and parents work together.
  • Support all children to progress in their learning, fulfilling their potential
  • Enable children to become resourceful, enquiring and independent learners.
  • Develop children’s confidence and encourage them to respect the ideas, values and feelings of others, building positive relationships.
  • Help children to understand they are part of a community, and encourage them to respect the environment in which they live.
  • Encourage and develop each child’s creativity 


Our Ethos

At Chantry our core values are ‘Confident, Caring and Creative’. These values underpin everything we do. We want to nurture children who are confident individuals who care about others and themselves, think creatively and have a love of learning.


Our Chantry Values underpin everything we do. We refer to them in our classrooms, collective worship and when we talk to children about behaviour. Children who demonstrate our values well during the week receive a certificate in our Friday Celebration Assembly.


 Our Chantry Values

At Chantry we support children to become:

Aspirational - always striving to be their best

Independent - self -motivated taking responsibility for their own learning

Resilient - never giving up and learning from their mistakes

Respectful - caring for themselves, others and the world around them

Kind - showing care towards others and their feelings

Honest - being truthful to themselves and others

Passionate - being excited about learning

Inspiring - sharing their ideas and being positive role models

Unique - being proud of who they are