Our English lessons are driven by The Power of Reading program that brings quality texts into the classroom. Each class select a quality text each term and work from this book to teach both reading comprehension and a range of writing genres. The text is then supported by the use of Talk for Writing that supports the teaching of structure. Children are offered many opportunities to write for different purposes and audiences, we aim to foster creativity and personal expression. Good habits of letter formation, spelling, punctuation and grammar are also central to our teaching of English. Our handwriting scheme is intended to develop a legible joined style in all children.

In Reception and Key Stage One we offer a wide range of reading schemes to cater for all children’s interests and to ensure they have access to a broad selection of books. Once they become fluent at reading they move onto ‘real’ reading books and our Key Stage Two Accelerated Reader program. This program ensures they are reading books within each child’s ability level, once a child has completed a book they take a comprehension quiz to check their understanding.

Reading at Chantry 

Reading takes place every day at Chantry and children are encouraged to read for pleasure. 

In Key Stage One we have a range of reading schemes to ensure children read widely and are secure at each stage before being moved on to the next one. The Early Years Team make their own reading record books that contain helpful hints to support parents and carers at home with the learning to read process. These reading records move through Key Stage One with the children.

We have a Reading Intervention Teaching Assistant who works with Year One pupils identifying those who are struggling to learn to read. We welcome support from parents and grandparents with listening to children to read during the school day and ask that parents hear their child read at home every day. 

In Key Stage Two the children will be reading for pleasure and choosing from a range of books on genres which interest them. When they have completed a book they will sit a comprehension quiz which will also record the amount of words they have read. We still expect the children to read at home to an adult at least twice a week. In Years 4 -6 reading home learning is a piece of reading comprehension . This will be sent home to returned by the following week. 

All our classes enjoy sharing books in class and have a quality text both as a focus for their English learning.